about us

Lift Me Up, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing ergonomic babywearing carriers to families who have children with disabilities. It was founded in 2014 and is led by a Physical Therapist with board certification in pediatrics. Lift Me Up is entirely volunteer driven and made possible by donations from the community and babywearing businesses. Thank you for being a part of our mission!

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babywearing benefits

“Babywearing is holding or carrying a baby/young child using a cloth baby carrier.”¹ At the very basic level, babywearing has the potential to fulfill a child’s need for touch. Meeting this need allows the child to actively take on stressful challenges with greater ease, as often occurs for children with disabilities. Babywearing provides correct physical alignment of the hip and spine for optimal development.

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LMU impact



“With experience, knowledge and our carrier I’ve learned to trust my ability to be the best and bravest dad I can be for my kids.”


“Sometimes we’re lucky enough to meet people on the way that pass on their knowledge and experience and some who pass on life changing tools. LMU has done this for our family and so many others.”


“Every time I wrap my little guy in his Leo (wrap) from you all, I feel the support of you all - it helps. Feels like a hug.”

Ways to Give

donate funds 

As a non-profit organization, your donation allows us to distribute carriers to families who have children with disabilities.

Donate Funds

volunteer time 

Trying to find a way to use your talents? Why not volunteer with us and change lives through babywearing.


donate carriers 

We match up every donated carrier with families who have children with disabilities. Join LMU's mission and donate!

Donate Carriers

thank you for giving