Adventures With George- #EmbraceYourSelf

Adventures With George- #EmbraceYourSelf

I'm not sure where the kid with the poor quality of life is, he never showed up instead we got George. He may move a little slower and a little differently but he gets where he wants to go and when he needs a little help, we wear him in his Kinderpack.

Summer time is our absolute favorite time of the year. We live on an island and both of my kids are like fish. They can't get enough of the water. I feel like the beach is a big motivator for George. When we moved here George was two and he used a walker. He had not yet started taking steps on his own. Within a months time of our arrival to the Eastern Shore, he left his walker behind and never looked back. I have this great shot I took of him standing on a boat dock looking out at the bay. I feel like it sums George up. So ready to take in and take on the world. My little thinker. My explorer. My adventurer. My George.

We have this little hidden beach here. The locals call it Old Hill. It is breathtaking. It's easy to fall in love with but It's not so easy to get there. The best time is low tide because it's about a half a mile hike out along a wooded shoreline. If we try when the tide is to high we end up walking in waist deep water to get to the beautiful sandbars that our little troops claim and conquer as their own private islands, Once we are out there George runs and swims in the knee high water with the rest of his friends like there is no such thing as Spina Bifida. He is my carefree kid, my lover of life.

Before we learned about Lift Me Up, we would carry George out to our secret paradise. It was not ideal but it was manageable until about halfway through my pregnancy with Caroline when we held a tribal meeting and decided that it was no longer safe for me to do the carrying. After our little girl arrived I faced a new challenge, getting not one but two kids out to the beach. I was familiar with baby wearing and my friend had lent me a ring sling which was ideal for the baby but I still had to worry about getting George there too. We were never able to go alone. I always had to wait for either my husband to come in off the road from work or for friends to be around. Thankfully Lift Me Up intervened.

Most of the time we still go out with our friends but on the days when no one is around and we still want to sneak away to Old Hill, I am totally capable of wearing both kids there. That's right, I know, I'm Supermom.

Maybe not really but I certainly get a confidence boost from knowing that George doesn't miss out on anything because of his SB and while that is mostly because of how awesome he is, it's also because we were given the gift of wearing him.

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