Adventures With George - Holiday Magic

Adventures With George - Holiday Magic

This month has been crazy! Wait, what? You mean December is crazy for you too?! I think we all make ourselves nuts trying to pack as much holiday magic into the season as possible. My kids have been to see Santa three times already. In my defense not one of them was at the mall and only once did we go someplace to specifically see big and jolly. Last night I took them to a local car race track that has a festival of lights type thing going on and a little holiday shopping area set up. We didn't go for the lights. We went for the Santa... The Real Santa and a couple of his reindeer I might add. Afterwards, in true overachiever fashion I dragged my tired cranky kids two towns over and in the complete opposite direction of home to see this house that I had read about online that does one of those lights set to music deals. My two year old cried most of the way there, only stopping when she fell asleep a minute and a half before we pulled up. Of course I let her sleep. No, I'm just kidding in a moment of complete lack of judgment I woke her up. I know, not my brightest hour. Don't worry, I paid for it. I came home with a few more gray hairs but with some great pictures of my monkeys in their Christmas Pj's with The Real Santa.

This month also held a first for us. We went to a tree farm. You know, the "Do It Yourself" kind, where you pretend it's going to be fun and you're all going to work together to cut down this big beautiful tree and then you find the perfect one and turn to your husband and say, "Now, You Do It Yourself." In all fairness I did carry both kids around the farm while we searched for said tree, George had a good view from the Kindercarry on my back during our hunt and Caroline, who only wants to be carried when I'm already carrying George, was hanging from my neck in the front. We hiked pretty far back before we found our tree, only to realize that we were going to have to carry it all the way back to the car. At which point, thanks to Lift Me Up and Kindercarry, I was again able to look at my poor, loving husband and say, "Now, you do it yourself."

So as I'm busy stuffing Christmas spirit into the month of December, and torturing my husband and kids, I'm also aware that this is my last year being able to carry George in his Kindercarry for all the holiday festivities. My boy is growing bigger everyday and fast approaching the fifty pound limit. All the Christmas cookies are sure to help that along. I'm a little sad but he continues to amaze me everyday. I can't wait to see what his future holds. I'm so grateful for what Lift Me Up has given us and I'm going to continue to soak up every last bit of joy and adventure we get from being able to wear George in his Kindercarry and we'll be able to pass it on to his little sister when the time comes and that will be a benefit to George too because it will free mommy's arms up to help him in other ways. George's Kindercarry still has a few adventures left for him and he has a lifetime of adventure waiting for him, and mommy has a lifetime of love and gratitude for Lift Me Up. I'll never be able to put into words all the gifts that wearing George has given to us. Merry Christmas and I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.

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