Adventures With George-Superheros

Adventures With George-Superheros

June started off a little crazy for me. George had gotten new braces and they were causing him some pain. I usually feel that all is right with the universe and that I would not change a thing...except when my sweet boy is hurting. It's hard to find the fairness in life when you're trying to wrap your heart around a five year old that's having chronic back pain. With Spina Bifida, as I'm sure with a lot of things, this can be a sign of something more serious going on or it can be from adjusting his gait because of the new braces or even just being worn out from activities of daily living. Whatever the case may be it just sucks! Times like this I resort to feeling sorry for myself, feeling like I don't measure up as a mom because I don't have an answer and I can't make it better. I know, I know, it's completely irrational thinking but I can't help it, like I said I usually at least feel like I have all the emotions that come along with this job pretty in check but we all fall sometimes.

So to pick myself back up this time I followed the advise of something that I had read on one of the many, many Facebook pages I follow for moms like me. It was to take the disability out of the equation. Now think of every person who would not be in your life and your child's life had things been any different. It's a pretty powerful thought, right? George has brought so many amazing people into our lives, therapist, allies and families that know exactly what we're going through that have become lifelong friends and they are all people that I don't want to imagine our lives without. So fortunately for me, we got to wrap June up on a good note.

Every year The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, where George was born, holds their Fetal Family Reunion. It's an awesome event that brings together families that had a prenatal diagnosis and were treated there. It's almost a carnival type event except with enough emotionally charged power in numbers to pick any down in the dumps mamma up and put her back on track. This year the theme was superheros. They showed a very heart string tugging video at the opening about how these kids beat incredible odds and fight through so much. They are our heros. It also reminded me and a few hundred other moms, I'm sure, that we are our kid's heros, that for all the things we have ourselves so convinced we're doing wrong, there are so many things we're doing right. We also got to reunite with some of those wonderful people who would not be in our life if things had been different. It was everything I needed to put me back in the game. Our lives may not be perfect but I wouldn't change anything. I count my blessings everyday and wonder how I got so lucky to have these two beautiful kids. George's disability will always be a part of his life but as his mom I'm going to make sure he never lets it define him.

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