The application consists of information about the family, the child to be worn, and the medical/functional diagnoses of the child with disabilities. All sections must be filled out thoroughly. Incomplete and/or duplicate applications will not be processed. Applications will be reviewed by Certified Babywearing Educators and a Doctor of Physical Therapy with board certification in pediatrics. Please note that there is no guarantee in receiving a carrier. If your application is approved, we will contact you and send you an invoice for the $10 shipping fee. After you have paid for shipping, we will ship your carrier, along with safety guidelines and information regarding local-to-you babywearing meetings for further instruction and support. A short follow up questionnaire is emailed to recipients one month after shipment. Lift Me Up is dependent on recipients to fill out this form in order to better serve the community. Recipients of carriers provided through Lift Me Up programs agree to be a part of a greater movement to bring awareness to the health benefits and caregiver respite that babywearing can provide for families who have children with disabilities. Therefore, Lift Me Up requests that each family who is accepted to receive a carrier, submit a written testimonial and/or photo of their carrier in use via email or Facebook to further the mission of the organization. Apply for a carrier.