fulfills a child’s need for touch


allows the child to actively take on stressful challenges with greater ease

provides correct physical alignment of the hip and spine for optimal development

improves vestibular system activation and body awareness

allows for positioning free of pressure on the soft cranium

promotes general wellness by allowing the child to be in an upright position

provides respite for the child and the caregiver

positions the child optimally for learning communicative cues

the benefits of babywearing

Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive. You’ve heard of us. You’re here. You’re interested. But…. babywearing. Really? What is that, exactly? Why would you wear your baby instead of using a stroller or a bouncy seat to hold your child? Babywearing has been around for centuries in many different cultures. It simply means holding baby close in a cloth wrap or soft carrier. Holding babies is a natural instinct, and ‘wearing’ your baby allows you to have that closeness even while you’re accomplishing other tasks and need your hands free. This can provide an unparalleled level of convenience to a caregiver that has multiple children, and especially to a family who has a child with special needs that might have extra challenges throughout their day. 


Babywearing also provides convenience for the caregiver on the go. When you wear your baby in the supermarket, you suddenly have a content baby attached to you and an empty cart with plenty of room to put those groceries. Also, although strollers are certainly handy at times, they are very limiting when it comes to shopping in crowded stores or navigating across bumpy terrain around parks and playgrounds. When wearing your baby, you can go where no stroller has gone before. 

The benefits of babywearing are bountiful not only for the convenience of the caregiver, but also for the child that is being worn. Children have an innate desire to be touched and held. When you wear your baby, you’re fulfilling that need and forming a strong bond together. Babywearing also offers appropriate positioning for socialization and enhances the child’s ability to learn communicative cues. Instead of being low to the ground in a stroller or isolated in a car seat (which is also extremely heavy and uncomfortable to lug around!), a worn baby is up near people’s faces. They are able to see more of the world around them, sense the caregiver’s rhythmic movements and breathing, and feel their beating heart. This improves vestibular system activation and body awareness for the child. 

A baby that is always laid down on his back either in a crib or car seat can develop plagiocephaly or “flat head syndrome.” Babywearing can aide in preventing this malformation by allowing positioning that is free of pressure on the soft cranium. 

Finally, when you wear your baby in an ergonomic carrier, you are providing the correct physical alignment for the child’s hip and spine development. Our mission at Lift Me Up is to provide babywearing carriers to families that have children with developmental special needs. We realize they face extra challenges every day. Our desire is to share not only the convenience of babywearing, but all of the amazing physical and emotional benefits that go along with it. Come along with us on our mission as we continue to raise funds and help families! Share and like our facebook page, follow our blog, join in our journey. We promise you will be truly blessed. 

Photo Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net