Carrier Connection- made a SUCCESS by YOU!

Carrier Connection- made a SUCCESS by YOU!

The Carrier Connection by Lift Me Up is a special way for you to join the #babyweartothrive movement. We feature families through these Carrier Connection campaigns so you can learn their stories and support them personally. These families have a special need for larger sized carriers so older toddlers or preschoolers can also receive the benefits of babywearing. These types of carriers are more costly and more difficult to come by than carriers sized for infants and smaller children. Lift Me Up has recently partnered with Kindercarry to help make our Carrier Connection successful so even more families can babywear to thrive.

Samuel was born with tuberous sclerosis complex. This is a genetic disorder that causes benign tumors to grow in all of the organs in his body. He is 4 years old, but cognitively is at about 12 months. He is completely nonverbal, and is working on eye contact, feeding himself, etc. He also has epilepsy brought on by the tumors in his brain. Samuel loves to be held and carried.

Due to this, and his autistic-like behaviors, his mom says it is much easier to stay home with him than to go places.

Samuel and his mom are so thankful they have been funded to receive the gift of a toddler Kinderpack carrier, Samuel's parents say it will impact their lives greatly. They will be able to wear him in a carrier while keeping him safe, which they feel is necessary for his autistic-like behaviors, and he will still have the ability to participate with the family's activities.

Samuel's mom says that currently when one of her other children has a ballgame, or activity, her husband and she split up and one of them stays home with Sam. "Being able to babywear would truly allow us to do things as a family that we have not been able to do," says Samuel's mom.

A letter from Eric's family to you:

'Eric' is 3 years old and has spina bifida. Our family is currently in the process of adopting him. My husband has a spinal cord injury and is a paraplegic. It's because of his own disability that we felt drawn to Eric the moment we met. We had first hand knowledge and experience about his paraplegia and how he could become an independent successful person-in a wheelchair. We finally, after mounds of paper work, 18 months of legal stuff, visits, and classes brought him home in November! He has fit right in to our already large family- he makes kiddo number 5! Babywearing will help promote bonding with my new son, and will also help get him places his wheelchair cannot go. I love to go on walks and hikes with my children that are not always accessible. With a carrier I can enable him to experience this as well. I currently have been taking advantage of our local babywearing group's lending library. It has been wonderful, from walks on the trail, to just doing dishes with him on my back. We can be so close, and it gives Eric a "higher" perspective that he has never had before.


Eric & his family

Eric has spina bifida myelomeningocele at t4, hydrocephalus with a vp shunt. As you know, he uses a wheelchair for mobility. Eric receives physical therapy and speech therapy. He is able to crawl and scoot but cannot walk. He also has some sensory issues with food, textures and environment.

We have been blown away by your eagerness to help this loving family. Within just hours, this amazing community came together to fully fund his preschool size Kinderpack carrrier. Because of YOU, Eric and his family will soon be able to #BabywearToThrive.

We would like to thank the following donors, along with our anonymous donors of course, for their contributions to Samuel and Eric's families:


Jessica Reinking


Adrien Cameron


Briana Serrato


Priscilla Benson


Kathy Feldman


Aztlana is a beautiful 5 year old little girl. She was born with an enchephalocele on the right side of her head which was surgically removed at 11 months old.

Soon after her surgery, Aztlana developed infantile spasms. She was put on a medication which left her blind and her eye sight is still recovering from the medicine. She was also diagnosed with spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy at the age of 3.

Aztlana is fully dependent on her mom for her everyday care. Last year she was hospitalized for failure to thrive and returned home with a feeding tube. She attends both occupational therapy and physical therapy twice a week. Although has made some progress, she is still very delayed and has a severe intellectual disability. Aztlana is unable to walk or talk, and takes her meals through a feeding tube.

If Aztlana is given the gift of an ergonomic preschool sized carrier, her mom tells us how it would benefit their family: "I carry her a lot due to the fact that she is not walking and is very much attached to me. With this carrier I will be able to get more housework done ...and I will be able to take her out for walks without us having to come back due to the fact that she is heavy. We also love going for family hikes but we can not take her due to the fact that she is heavy and we cannot carry her on our own. I always feel so bad leaving her behind on our family hikes... We are a very active family and this would help include her in our outings where her stroller cannot go.

Now is your chance to help provide this family with the gift of babywearing. Our goal is to raise $145 to provide Aztlana with a preschool size ergonomic Kinderpack carrier that will meet her needs and allow Aztlana and her family to #babyweartothrive. Please go to her Carrier Connection Campaign and make a donation! Thank you!

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