“Thank you so much for getting my son and I our Ergobaby carrier, it has made such a difference in our everyday lives!” – Dawn, son Jacob


“Noah was born with a genetic bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 3. I thought when we received this news that I’d never be able to wear him, as I tried numerous carriers. The help and support I have received from Lift Me Up has been a Godsend! We now have a carrier that works and Noah can be strapped onto me like the little kangaroo baby he is!” -Amanda, son Noah


“Without Lift Me Up I would never have been able to get an ergonomic carrier for my daughter.” -Shelby, daughter diagnosed with failure to thrive



“Sending a HUGE thank you to Lift Me Up and all the generous persons out there who help special needs families experience successful baby-wearing! We received our Líllébaby carrier today! On the information I sent I told how my daughter (turning 4 yrs in August) prefers to be carried outward facing only. She never wants to be facing me and held against me when carried. It has always been this way. She felt completely comfortable and at ease in the Lillebaby. You can see the smile on her face:)” -Priscilla, daughter Samantha


“Special thank you to Lift Me Up: Babywearing to Thrive for the new carrier for George. George has spina bifida. He can walk but wears out easier than most kids. This carrier will make it possible for us to continue to hike out to his favorite beach and all of the other places in nature he loves where it’s not always easy for him to maneuver. We are touched by your thoughtfulness.” -Michelle, son George


Wearing him in a high rucksack carry is our best carry right now, really, I need my arms and hands free as much as possible… I am forever grateful for this awesome wrap!!! I’m going to be wearing this little guy a loooong long time, thank you so much for helping me!!!” -Autumn, son Theo


“This carrier has made things so much easier for me getting my children in and out of therapies, doctor’s offices and church. I have 5 children, ages 11 years down to 22 months. My 9 year old has autism and my 22 month old has Down syndrome and is not walking yet. We have 3 therapies a week for the youngest and 2 for the older, so we are constantly getting in and out of the car and with 5 kids in tow, the carrier has made getting where we need to go so much easier. He loves riding in the carrier and being so close to me and I love that my hands are free to hold my other boys’ hands as we walk wherever we need to go. THANK YOU for the Ergobaby carrier! You have made a huge difference in our lives and I can’t wait to pay it forward some day.” -Angel, son Grayson