LMU History

In the beginning...

Lift Me Up was founded in 2014 by three mamas who each brought valuable personal and babywearing experience to drive the creation of a non-profit for children with disabilities. Sarah, a pediatric physical therapist, was motivated by the ergonomic positioning and use of a babywearing carrier as a therapeutic intervention. Rachel was led by a desire to hold her child for respiratory benefits after an in-utero diagnosis of a lung tumor. And Kristin was inspired by her son, as well as a mother in need in a therapy office waiting room. Rachel and Kristin volunteered with LMU for two years before needing to move on to other ventures and we're grateful for their part in this organization. Sarah continues to lead the organization and is grateful for new volunteers who have stepped up to further the mission. You can read their stories below to better understand the history of Lift Me Up. 

Rachel     Sarah     Kristin